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First SouthEast LGBTQ Activist Camp a Huge Success!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

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Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp came to a close around 4pm Saturday July 21st, 2012. The event marked the first time this large of a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight youth came together to learn about anti-oppression work. The coalition of five states sponsoring the event brought together approximately 50 youth from Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Arkansas. The coalition partners included sponsor organizations Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition and Gay Straight Alliance Network (based in California) along with host organization Center for Artistic Revolution. Youth from the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition led a workshop on Trans Justice. The Southern Poverty Law Center of Alabama and PFLAG Maryville of Tennessee also sponsored youth from their states.

The camp is the first of what hopes to be an annual event. Campers from both Georgia and Mississippi were already beginning to claim next year’s location. Participants ranged from 14-25 years old and many of which already had experience working on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The goal of the camp was to create safer schools and communities for LGBTQ youth and their allies by providing a more intersectional approach to Gay Straight Alliance work and encourage youth to take back skills to be leaders in their own schools communities and beyond.

Among the Georgia participants were youth from JustUsATL.

JustUsATL Inc. is a 100% youth-run group that provides a safe space for the Greater Atlanta area’s LGBTQQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Asexual) youth. They offer weekly discussion groups, a peer-led mental health group, HIV/STI testing, and social events.

Other participants included youth trainers from William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation who led a workshop on racism and white supremacy in the Southern US.

Founded in 1999, the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation builds more inclusive communities by promoting diversity and citizenship, and by supporting projects that help communities solve local challenges.

Along with youth and trainer-led workshops, campers had the opportunity to visit the historic Little Rock Central High where in 1957 racial integration was the cause for protests, harassment and threats to the Little Rock Nine. Campers were able to meet one of the Little Rock Nine, Minnijean Brown in a rare appearance at the museum.

For many youth this was the first time they had traveled outside of their state, or the first time they were able to be in a completely safe and queer-friendly environment full of allies. By the end of the camp, participants had a deeper understanding of systems of oppressions, how our struggles are connected to others, and how to be a good ally in the various movements. Not to mention life-long friends! It was a historic event, the first of its kind in the SouthEast, and we will work together to make this camp a yearly tradition to help build and grow our own youth leaders here in the South.

Check out some photos and videos from the Camp.

For more information on the Camp or to find out how you can learn more about GSSC’s exciting opportunities and trainings please contact us at

Heading to Little Rock for the first ever South East LGBTQ Activist Camp!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

It Gets Better – But when will that happen? Youth Leaders can learn how to MAKE it better

This summer the GSA Network, in partnership with Georgia Safe Schools Coalition, Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, Center for Artistic Revolution in Little Rock, Arkansas, PFLAG Tennessee and the Southern Poverty Law Center headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, will be offering the first annual Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp! This LGBTQ Activist Camp is a summer training camp for LGBTQ youth with a focus through the southern lens.

The Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp serves high school and college aged young people in Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and Tennessee who have exhibited strong leadership and enthusiasm in their local area around issues affecting the LGBTQ community and young people.

The Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp will be 4 days long, and will feature intensive community building, skill building, political education and leadership training for current and potential GSA and other LGBTQ student activist club (Pride Alliance, Lambda Alliance) members that they can bring back to share at their schools and communities.

Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and will learn how to:

  • Strengthen GSA/LGBTQ activist clubs through coalition building, strategic organizing a fundraising
  • Understand the legal rights of students and GSA clubs.
  • Oppose LGBTQ harassment and ostracism in school environments.
  • Run successful campaigns to change the climate on their campuses.
  • Recognize the ways that homophobia and transphobia are connected to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism and other oppressions.
  • Work with school administration, teachers and school boards to fight LBGTQ oppression.
  • Learn effective lobbying skills, how to contact legislators and frame a message.

ALL expenses are paid by GSSC and other camp sponsors and we have twelve Georgia youth signed up and ready to go for this first historic camp.

Check back here for more updates from the camp!

Thank You Hotlanta Softball League!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

The fundraiser for the SouthEast LGBTQ Activist Camp went well beyond our fundraising goals. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Atlanta’s finest softball teams, the Coalition received a check for over $2,000! This money will be used to send 12 LGBTQ  Georgia youth to camp at the end of July where they will learn leadership skills, community building and strategic organizing for GSAs in their schools.

The extra money from this fundraiser will be used to create more Safe Zone hand manuals for Georgia schools counselors and it is the Coalition’s goal to put one of these binders in the hands of every counselor in Georgia. Feel free to download the binder in its entirety here or you can just download the chapters you need here.

A huge thank you to the Hotlanta Softball League for making this all possible! We appreciate the support of our community and the awesome players on the teams.