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The Fiscal Cliff: What Does It Mean for Georgia’s LGBTQ Youth?

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff refers to mandatory budget cuts that will take place across the board with very little discretion. These massive cuts will include important programs for youth including health, suicide prevention, homelessness prevention, substance abuse and bullying. LGBTQ young people face so many challenges in their lives, to lose these services on top of everything else would be painful and potentially deadly. Congress needs to work together to come up with a better solution before the first of the year. If the nation does go off the fiscal cliff, LGBTQ youth, as well as all youth in general will be impacted.

Our work is cut out for us. If at all possible contact your congressional representatives and tell your story (you can look up who they are here).  Consider writing a letter to the editor. Talk to your neighbors and friends.

Thank you for your outreach and your work to reduce bullying and harassment of LGBTQ youth. If you are a GSA group or LGBTQ youth group working on advocacy around this issue let us know what you are doing! We would love to help support your efforts. Email us at

Want to learn more about the effects of the fiscal cliff on the LGBTQ community? Check out this report from the Task Force.

Jenna’s Love: A Scholarship for Fierce Youth Change Agents

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Scholarship Description:
Jenna Thomas is an amazing human being whom you cannot even begin to talk about in past tense! We are a group of siblings, parents, friends, activists, and advocates whose lives are better because we know Jenna Thomas. Jenna is a relentless activist and advocate and has significantly contributed to making the world a better place by leading workshops and seminars to educate others and personally mentoring friends and family. She is down to earth, has a very unique sense of humor and loads and loads of kindness for those different and similar to her. If you ever met Jenna, your life was transformed – even in a small amount of time. Jenna helps us believe in the power of love, connection, and community! Oh, and by the way, Jenna was a fierce young transgender woman who liberated herself and others along her journey. Hey Miss Jenna – We love you!

Scholarship Amount:

Scholarship Criteria:
This scholarship will be awarded to a very special youth who:
• Believes in the power of love, friendship and leadership to transform the world into a better place
• Has an excellent sense of humor!
• Demonstrates kindness and compassion to others in meaningful ways
• Has a strong commitment to activism and social justice
• Is currently enrolled in a degree program at a post-secondary educational institution

This scholarship will be presented at the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition’s Annual GSA Youth Summit on February 23rd, 2013 at Agnes Scott College.

Scholarship Application Materials:
• 1 personal essay (1 page) describing how the applicant meets the above criteria
• 2 letters from a teacher, mentor, or fellow activist describing personal qualities of love, compassion, humor, and commitment to education, activism and social justice
• Letter from registrar’s office stating post-secondary enrollment or course transcript

Scholarship Application Deadline:
January 15, 2013

Email application materials to: Kristen Badger (, Anneliese Singh (, and Sir Jesse McNulty (

Please direct any questions about the application process to Anneliese Singh at 404.849.8186.