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Southeastern LGBTQ Youth Activist Camp!

Friday, May 17th, 2013

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It Gets Better – But when will that happen? Learn how to MAKE it better

This summer the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, in partnership with Georgia Safe Schools Coalition, GSA Network, Center for Artistic Revolution in Little Rock, Arkansas, PFLAG Tennessee and the Southern Poverty Law Center headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, will be offering the second Southeastern LGBTQ Youth Activist Camp! This LGBTQ Activist Camp is a summer training camp for LGBTQ youth with a focus through the Southern

The Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp serves high school and college aged young people in Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Tennessee who have exhibited strong leadership and enthusiasm in their local area around issues affecting the LGBTQ community and young people.

The Southeastern LGBTQ Activist Camp will be 4 days long, and will feature intensive community building, skill building, political education and leadership training for current and potential GSA and other LGBTQ student activist club (Pride Alliance, Lambda Alliance) members that they can bring back to share at their schools and communities.

Participants come from a wide range of backgrounds and will learn how to:


  • Strengthen GSA/LGBTQ activist clubs through coalition building, strategic organizing and fundraising
  • Understand the legal rights of students and GSA clubs.
  • Oppose LGBTQ harassment and ostracism in school environments.
  • Run successful campaigns to change the climate on their campuses.
  • Recognize the ways that homophobia and transphobia are connected to racism, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism and other oppressions.
  • Work with school administration, teachers and school boards to fight LBGTQ oppression.
  • Learn effective lobbying skills, how to contact legislators and frame a message.

The camp is open to youth ages 14-23. If you would like more information about attending camp please contact your state’s representative(s).

Check out the Camp Website!


Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition
Anna C. Davis,


Southern Poverty Law Center
R. Ashley Jackson,


Center for Artistic Revolution
Kat Crisp,



Georgia Safe Schools Coalition
Em Elliott,
Chris Kontopidis,

We are currently looking for representatives of statewide youth-focused organizations in the following states:

Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida

If you are a representative of such an organization please contact us at