Please click on the photo to hear: How a Public School Teacher and Student Inspire Each Other’s Gender Journeys.

Mr. Jesse McNulty, M.Ed., has been a teacher of at- risk teens for over 16 years, in a

variety of school settings; including students placed in alternative schools, shelters, and group homes; and across diverse demographics.

He holds a Master’s of Education in Special Education – Behavioral Disorders; with add-ons in Interrelated and Gifted.

Mr. McNulty has participated in presenting workshops at UGA based educational
conferences, Southern Comfort Conferences, WPATH, SEWSA, Black Gay Pride, United4Safety day of learning, Dekalb Rape Crisis Center trainings, Gay-Straight Alliances in high schools; in addition to speaking on numerous panels.

[A.K.A.] Sir Jesse of Decatur, he engages in progressive community involvement in hopes of the creation of a more beloved community for all; especially at-risk young people. An advocate for queerly situated young people, SJ volunteers and affiliates with organizations that strive to meet their unique and pressing needs; he regularly facilitates youth focused, gender-centric discussion groups in two locations: T&F Transitionz and TransandFriends

SJ identifies as one of the Feminist Outlawz, who collaboratively engage in street-level activism, using feminist art; challenging oppression while continuing to grow, as an aspiring ally.

He is excited to continue his teaching career, and is prepared to contribute time and talent to the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition ~ striving for a more beloved community in this transient world!
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