Annual Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence, a day first organized by students sixteen years ago in response to anti-LGBTQ bullying and discrimination. On this day, students across the nation (and in 60 other countries!) will be consciously silent in school, a symbolic act to bring attention to the name calling, bullying and harassment that LGBTQ people face on a daily basis. The Day of Silence is about raising awareness and creating a culture of respect in schools. And though students are choosing to be silent, the intent is that their actions will cause more people to speak up, start more conversations and encourage broader understanding.

If you’re a student who is participating, your brave actions show other students that there can and will be a change in America’s schools. You are changing hearts and minds — helping people to become more accepting and understanding.

If you’re a teacher, please take a moment to encourage any of your students who are participating in the Day of Silence. Even a small word of encouragement can speak volumes for these courageous young people.

If you want more information, please visit the official Day of Silence facebook page at:

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